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Erreurs flamethrower sur Avid

Voici quelques tips pour vous dépanner quand vous rencontrez des erreurs flamethrower sur Adrenaline et systèmes Mojo.

1-Bad reference #1 problem.

Check to make sure the DNA or Mojo has a reference signal. If it does, ask if it is being generated locally as by a black burst box or coming from another house source. If it is coming from a house source and all other possible causes have been ruled out,  ask if the customer can generate a sync signal locally, e.g. bringing the generator directly into the edit suite/location.
2-Uninstall the flamethrower.sys driver (in Windows Device Manager, Avid Technology under Sound Video and Game Controllers, right click, properties, driver.Uninstall and reboot, allowing the driver to reload via the hardware wizard during the bootup process.
3-Check for DV devices being chained on a specific port. Does a single device work ok? Is an unqualified DVD burner on the system?
4-Is the system qualified, fast enough, following PCI slot requirements?

Check Avid specs for specific hardware models.
5-Try rendering in draft mode on the timeline. Try using video tracks only.
6-Devices with TI firewire chipsets work best.
7-Good firewire cables make a difference! Also, does the cable exceed standard length specs of 14.76 feet?
8-Try turning OFF confidence view in the Avid application, and/or other resource sucking applications and networking.
9-Mojo/DNA firmware MUST match the software release. If a customer turned off the Mojo/DNA improperly during an upgrade it might not get a proper firmware upgrade. Try reinstalling the software following the proper sequence per install guide.
10. Check Desktop Play Delay in your Settings list (this may not be available on all programs.) Make sure the DV Out is unchecked/turned off.


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