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FAQ Troubelshooting INews

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What are the first things I should check when troubleshooting problems with iNEWS?<

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10 common problems iNEWS customers call in about…

  • Users cannot log in to the database servers.
  • The iNEWS servers disconnected or are down.
  • -The iNEWS clients are crashing.
  • Cannot “monitor load” video or graphics to Command, MOS Gateway, ControlAir.
  • Cannot search the archives.
  • Wires aren’t coming in (no new wire stories).
  • The system is very slow.
  • The database is “low on space”.
  • Unknown messages on the Console screen.
  • Client workstation(s) is/are not displaying updates to the rundown

Users Cannot log into the database servers.

  • Ask if there is any specific error message on the client.  Typically the client will generate an error message which will help identify the root cause of the problem. 
  • Ask if there is any specific error message on the iNEWS Console.  Sometimes a message will appear on the Console screen which may help in identifying the root cause.
  • Write down any error messages verbatim and include them in the case notes
  • Ask if it is ALL users, some users, or one user that cannot log in.  This may help isolate the problem to the network, the servers or the workstation itself.  only one user cannot log on try cleaning out the registry on the workstation.
  • Can the client PC ping the iNEWS servers by hostname and IP address.  This is a test of network connectivity and DNS lookup.
  • If you have 2 iNEWS servers, are they connected? Use the status command (See below) and make sure configurations agree on all machines.
  • You may have reached the limit of workstation addresses or sessions you are licensed to use.

The iNEWS servers disconnected or are down.

  • What is the status of all servers?  Run ‘status’ on each server at the Console PC.

BUBBRH5-B$ status
B is ONLINE and has been CONFIGURED.  ID is BUBBRH5.
System is AB.  Master is A.
Disk status is UNKNOWN.  The database is OPEN.

  • Recovery process will depend on status reported by each server.  It is very important that we know the status of each iNEWS server in the system so that the proper course of recovery can be pursued.

iNEWS Client application is  crashing:

  • Ask the customer for any specific error messages.
  • Ask which location in the database the users are working – queues could be corrupted.
  • Ask if firewall software is turned on the iNEWS workstations which are experiencing iNEWS application crashes.
  • Check network connectivity. 

Cannot monitor load video or graphics to Command, MOS Gateway, or ControlAir.

  • Ask for any error messages send by monitor to the user who turned on monitor.
  • Ask for any error messages send from the monitor to the iNEWS Console.
  • Check if there is network connectivity to the Command server, the MOS Gateway server, or the ControlAir server.
  • Are there multiple shows assigned to the same mailbox?
  • Is there a mailbox assigned to the show in queue properties?
  • Is there a group defined with users who can load and unload monitors?
  • If there is more than one iNEWS server in your system, are they still mirrored?
  • If this is a new show?
  • Is there an entry in the SYSTEM.MAP story for the show?
  • Are the correct traits selected in Queue Properties?
  • Are users receiving error messages on the message bar?

Users Can’t Search the Archives

  • Any error messages being reported?  If so, what error messages?
  • Is FTSSEEK or SEEK running on the iNEWS servers?

BURL-A$  ps –ef | grep seek

  • Is the FTS server up and running?
  • Do you get results using the FTSdebug command for seek or index?

BURL-A$ ftsdebug seek stat
Process id: 2004
Started: 08/03/12 08:57:09
Debug value: 0
Tuning: on
Index Base: C:\ProgramData\Avid\FTS\burl
iNEWS System: burl
Port: 8202
Requests Serviced:  120
BURL-A$ ftsdebug index stat
Service name: ftsindex1
Process id: 1064
Started: 08/03/12 08:57:08
Debug value: 0
Tuning: on
Index Base: C:\ProgramData\Avid\FTS\burl
iNEWS System: burl
Port: 8200
Current Index: 031
Total Documents: 168435
Requests Serviced:  1707

  • Are the FTS services running on the FTSserver
  • Can you ping the FTSserver from the iNEWS server?
  • Are there stories in the SYSTEM.FTS or SYSTEM.INDEX queues?
  • Are any of the files in the index base at or approaching the 2 GB limit?

Wire stories are not coming into iNEWS

  • Is the Data Receiver running?
  • On the data receiver, try stopping and restarting the service not processing
  • Confirm wires are coming into the data receiver by checking the Raw Log
  • Stop the wire on the data receiver administration application.
  • On the iNEWS server, find the device number of the wire not processing and stop it:

    BURL-A$ list c news
    w1004 news         A SS

BURL-A$ stop 1004
Restart the wire on the data receiver, do you receive a Hot to Go message on the iNEWS server?

  • Have there been any changes to the distribution story in iNEWS. 
  • Can you ping the iNEWS server from the data receiver?

System is slow

  • Run « vmstat 5 10 » at iNEWS Console to see if what is the cpu idle time and disk IO usage.
  • Ask if it is slow doing certain functions in iNEWS.
  • Run « list q-b » on slow queues to see if there are a lot of deleted records.
  • Run « top » from the iNEWS Console to see if there are any iNEWS processes other than bioserver  that seem to be hogging the processors.

Strange Console messages

  • Check Support Notes for possible explainations.
  • What to do if you see this message:

G583:  gx_nsml_section residue convert error(4) [d1]
G583:  gx_nsml_section residue convert error(4) [87]


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