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Avid Interplay mise à jour 2.2.1 :

Annonce de la nouvelle mise à jour Avid interplay 2.2.1 : nouvelles fonctions; améliorations et résolutions de certains "Bug" :

. Full support for ancillary data for end-to-end XDCAM and DNxHD workflows. Interplay Production 2.2 included ancillary data support for AVC-I workflows; 2.2.1 improves XDCAM and DNxHD with regard to this functionality.
In particular :
. XDCAM-HD LongGOP is now a supported resolution for the D1 track (Ancillary Data) workflow, having been tested with the Transfer Engine, K2 server, Omneon, and AirSpeed Multi Stream.
. DNxHD resolutions with D1 track (Ancillary Data) are now supported for Send to Playback via Generic FTP profiles, having been tested with Transfer Engine, Omneon, and a generic FTP server.
Improvements to Media Services, including: improvements to Interplay Archive such that less disk space is required to represent archived material, and backup times are reduced.
. Interplay Transcode can now transcode OMF media files to MXF formats.
. Interplay Transcode jobs for which media is already available now display a warning, rather than an error, in the Media Services and Transfer Status Tool.
. A new log file records activities for a number of the Media Services (Archive, Restore, Copy, Move and Delivery).
In this release, when the Resync process identifies a clip with a missing audio or video track, it will create a special master clip and store it in the Orphan Clips folder.
Miscellaneous bug fixes, including resolving audio problems with Assist and Instinct on a variety of Dell and other workstation platforms.


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